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Marleny Canela is a top Latina Instagram and fitness model. I can’t lie, the first time I saw Marleny Canela I immediately said “wifey.” Yall know what I mean. Marleny Canela seems like the type of woman that is sweet like candy and when combined with her all natural beauty, she is irresistible. Now it’s obvious that there is more to Marleny Canela than meets the eye. She is a fitness model and enjoys working out on a regular basis. Most of the videos you will find of her are her working out. Unlike a lot of fitness models Marleny Canela is thick. Which is why she made the cut and is featured on Thickpedia. There are 1000’s or fitness models that are like a size 2. But Marleny Canela has that thickness that we all love to see on a woman. So appreciate what you are seeing, because she is a one of kind.

Marleny Canela